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Thread: Flash and DVD?

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    Flash and DVD?

    Hi, can anyone please tell me the best way to convert flash files to record onto a playable DVD?
    Which format is the best to output to retain clarity?
    I've tried this once before, and the images became so pixelated and distorted when viewed on a television that it was useless. I'm wondering if there is a way to take animation created in Flash and transfer it to DVD without it getting all stretched out like it did.


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    This worked for me.....
    So hopefully it will work for you too

    When I was making my flash anim I set the movie dimensions to:
    (720 x 576 Pal) (720 x 480)

    Export your movie as an uncompressed AVI.
    Then encode the avi to mpeg2 I use Vegas 5 with the main concept plug in. I guess you could use any mpeg encoder.
    Make sure you set it to 2 pass longer time but better quality.

    Some of my movies were 400 x 80.
    If I saved out my avis like that and then encoded and burnt to DVD they were all distorted and pixelated.



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    You'll need to make sure your movie is at least 720*480, and export it as an .avi or .mov. Then if you can import an .avi or .mov in your DVD burning software (otherwise you'll first have to convert it to a .mpg format...), simply import it and burn it to your DVD in the usual manner.
    Note that this movie won't be interactive on DVD.
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    Very helpful, thanks very much to both of you.

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