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Thread: Button Animation

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    Button Animation

    I'm soon going to start work on a new nav bar for a website I'm makeing for someone and they want it so that when you rollover the sheets of paper(buttons) then crumple into a ball and when you move off they uncruple. The action of crumpling will be achived by a series of photographs of a piece of paper getting crumpled. I only know to make buttons by createing a new symbol(a button) which only allows me 3 frames(normal, rollover and clicked) this won't let me do the animation I'm looking for. I'm guessing my best bet would be to make 2 movies one of the crumpling action and one of the uncrumpling, my problem is I have no clue what AS I need to use to make it do one movie on rollover and then then next when the mouse leaves. Now that I think of it I would really like it if the uncrumpling started from where ever then crumpling left off that way if it was a quick mouse over it would jump to fully crumpled then open, it would just bend in a little then open right back up. All help would be greatly appriciated, without this forum/website I'd be stuck with trying to guess how things work by my self.

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