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Thread: [Resolved] loading jpg's

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    loading jpg's

    I'm trying to load images into a movie and the actual loading is not an issue, but the buttons are and position / scale are!
    I keep having them not reset so they can only be used one time.
    i'm using :

    on (release) {
    //loader & loaded image holder movie
    load_pics_lc._alpha = 50
    dropzoneWB_mc._alpha = 100
    //button action
    loadMovie ("images/WBfolio/folioWB2.jpg", dropzoneWB_mc);
    foliobut1._alpha = 0
    on (rollOut) {
    load_pics_lc._alpha = 0
    foliobut1._alpha = 30

    Where load_pics_lc is a loader.
    Buttons are a movieclip with text behind, so i can re-use the same one over and over.. idea being button changes alpha, to show change in buttons txt "brightness" for rollover and rollout.

    The pics are not appearing !
    help please....
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    actually the loading is an issue !

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