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    Flashkit FAQ

    Welcome to the Flashkit FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Flashkit is the largest flash based community online today, so you made the right choice coming to us

    As a Flashkit member you should read the rules and guidelines below to get yourself better aquainted with how things work around here.

    If you have any questions on how to post or add an image/url/email link to your post you should first read this

    Posting Rules
    Do not flame* other members
    Do not use profanity**
    Do not post indecent images**
    Do not post multiple threads on the same topic***
    Do not spam**** the forums
    Do not post the same question in multiple forums
    Do not post job posts*****
    Do not post about Warez, Serials, Hacking, Virus Creation, P2P, file sharing, drugs, underage drinking or anything else illegal******

    * Flaming is attacking or abusing another member - we like to keep it friendly here!
    ** Flashkit is a GRated forum - this means don't post anything you wouldn't want your granny or little brother/sister seeing!
    *** Multiple threads on the same topic will be merged, closed or deleted
    **** Spam is promoting your product or service where its not wanted, a bit like junk mail
    ***** Flashkit can not allow jobs posts as it partners with a jobs site (Dice.com) and jobs are that sites main deal!
    ***** If caught doing this, you will be banned instantly, forever.

    Please post in the appropriate forum for your question. i.e. the Coffee Lounge is a place for general chit chat, but if you have a problem with your Actionscript then the post in the actionscript forum. A full list of all forums can be found here or by clicking on the Board link in the blue flashkit menu.

    If posting news or something about a "funny email/joke" you just got, please run a quick as Gerbick or Subway will have probably posted it before you

    Footer Rules
    Footers are a digital signature attached to the bottom of every post you make. You can chose to not have one if you like, simply go to your then click edit profile and adjust your footer text and image there in the signature box.

    This box makes use of vB code. A very basic scripting language to allow you to show images or change text safely on flashkit. You can read more about it by clicking here.

    Footers have a fixed size, weight and text rules. Do not break these or your footer will be removed.

    footer specs
    Image type: JPG, GIF or PNG ONLY!
    Number of images: ONE image prefered, but if you must have multiple images they must all total less than 300x40 pixels!
    Weight: 15kb max!
    3 lines of text (If you don't want to use an image then you are allowed up to 5 lines of text in your footer.)
    No fonts larger than 12pt.
    Do not use these vB commands in your footer: QUOTE CODE PHP LIST (as they add extra breaks and make your footer too large)

    Do not start a new thread to test your new footer in! There is already a thread for that, click here to view it or navigate to the thread in the coffee lounge and post a reply there until you have perfected your footer. Once you have, go back to your post, click the button then check the delete post button and remove your test post.

    Avatars and titles
    An avatar is the little image under your name. It, like footers has size and weight rules.

    You can only have a custom title and avatar when you have posted 100 helpful posts.

    Why isn't my post count going up?
    Posts in the coffee lounge, do not count. So you can post in there 2000000000 times and your post count will remain at zero.
    This is to stop people posting lots of random rubbish, mearly to increase their post count. It should also encourage you to help other people in the help forums.

    Where can I show off my l33t flash website?
    In the members sites forum.

    Where can I show off someone elses l33t flash website?
    In the cool sites forum.

    I'm new to flash! What is a movie clip?
    In the newbies forum.

    I want to be a mod, how do I become one?
    You don't. You have to make lots of useful posts and help many members out. Then, if a position becomes available the right person for that position will be ASKED if they'd like to become a mod.
    In short, you don't ask to be a mod, you're chosen.

    Sock puppets/Multiple accounts
    You are allowed one account and one account only at flashkit.

    Users with more than one account will have all of their accounts banned (we can easily trace multiple accounts).

    How each forum works
    Each forum has its own characters and way of doing things, its best to take a little time and have a look round before posting. Get aquainted with how things work in that forum and you'll find your stay here an enjoyable experience.
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