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Thread: external file distortion flash MX 2004

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    external file distortion flash MX 2004

    I am having aproblem when targeting an external jpg image into a MC instance. It loads into the MC fine except for one minor problem its elongated,
    I tried changing the size of the jpg in photoshop
    to the same length as the MC but I still get the same elongation problem.

    I also tried shortening the MC it crunches it down. the width remains fine
    I am a bit baffled by this problem any solutions?
    code lookslikethis:


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    Your scale on the MC may not be set to 100%.

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    scaling at 100% worked

    Hi jahasloth,

    That seemed to be my problem, thanxs for the suggestion,
    I never considered it would take its que from anything other than the MC instance on the stage.


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