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Thread: How do you make a 2D flash game

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    How do you make a 2D flash game

    I want to make a 2D platform game using flash but I have any action script skills to make one. Can someone teach me how to make a 2D platform. I wan't to know how to make charters move using the arrow keys, collision codes, and things where when you click on the spacebar your 2D charter attacks. Can someone teach me all that.

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    We can help a bit but your going to have to rely on tutorials for the most part.
    I suggest you start learning how to program in flash and understand movieClips and all that. I dont know of any tutorials that just teach basic actionscript syntax so you may want to start with drag and drop programming (depending on which version of flash you have).
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    your asking a lot. All that is scripted with Action Script. you need to learn the basics first.
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    Well, your best bet is to ask your question in the games forum: http://www.flashkit.com/board/forumd...daysprune=&f=5 also, read the helpful "sticky" threads in that forum, there are loads of link to good tuts

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    google for tuts on it.

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    Well. If you have Patience to read from the net and learn, then i can suggest Tonypa.

    Try this URL:

    Hope you got some fundamental knowledge on Actionscript.

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