forgive my newby'ness...

I need to pass an array from php to to flash.
If I do something like
PHP Code:
echo 'embed src="file.swf?';
$array=Array("item one","item two");
echo 'count='.count($array);
for ($array as $key=>$value) {
   echo $&key."=".$value
echo '"';
this would output embed src="file.swf?count=2&0=item%20one&1=item%202"
Or i could have outputted them as one big ass varialbe seperated by commas, whatever

Ok, now I can get these variables in flash but they are strings

What is the command in flash that is the equivalent to explode() in PHP.. also any other information about this command?
How does flash assign variables that it gets from the request string?

In php its $_GET so I could loop through all the available variables, it looks like flash does the equivalent of register globals in PHP

Thank you for helping a flash newby integrate his PHP application with flash :-)

Oh yeah, if there is an easier method of sending flash a large amount of data please let me know