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Thread: Will Pay For Flash Lessons

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    Will Pay For Flash Lessons

    Hello gang. I currently have some minor flash abilities. I am looking for someone who will spend time on the phone and teach lessons in Flash 2004. Will pay an hourly rate. If interested forward current work and hourly rate for review to the following email. lifetree2@aol.com

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    I think you're better off buying a good book. I like Macromedia Press books, I have Flash MX Actionscripting: Training from the Source, and it has helped me a lot. And when you have specific questions, you can just come over here and ask for free.

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    I am just like you

    I started about two months ago in MX. Never even seen flash before. I highly recommend doing the "tuts" that come with the software, then any books that you might buy. It is not as steep of a learning curve with the drawing side. The scripting side is steeper, but this forum is of great help and it is FREE!

    welcome aboard

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    Actually if I were him I would find someone who knows flash nearby. It is always better to learn in person than verbally. Besides learning from a person creates a much higher learning curve than from going through countless tutorials on your own.

    For advanced actionscripting I would get a good book. My favorite for mx 2004 is Macromedia Flash Actionscript MX 2004 Training from the Source.

    Hireing someone who can sit down with you and show you the ins and outs of flash help. You would likely only need one or two lessons in person. If you happen to be (very unlikely) in Riverside county in CA drop me a line I would be glad to teach you how to optimize your time when working in flash.

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