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Thread: Onion lines (I need help)

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    Onion lines (I need help)

    Ok I'm working on a movie but 2 many onion lines get me confused that's why I was wondering is there anyway that I can select onion line and make a fbf (frame by frame) movie without allll the onion lines...example. I'm making a stick fall...is there anyway I can just show the last onion line I made and not the onion line from 4 frames back...anyone get what I'm saying? yeah if you understand me please reply.
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    onion lines?
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    yes you dont need to have all frames selected for your onion skins to show up...
    click the onion button and drag the frame selectors to pick the frames you want
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    Guru: Onions are when you view a set number of frames previous to the frame you are working on while being on the frame you are working on.

    What you are in essence doing is acting as the junior animator at a Disney studio in the old days.

    You have your first image and you have your last image (what you want it to look like).
    You then place tracing paper over your first image and move the parts of your drawing so it is moving towards the last image.
    Then you trace the pose you just created with more movement.
    Then the pose you just created you trace with movement for the next image.
    You keep going until you end up with the final image.

    What happens is you play the frames at your specified fps and the series of images seem to be moving.

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