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Thread: Client login areas on designers websites

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    Client login areas on designers websites

    I am seeing more and more web design companies with a client area login section of their site. I am puzzled as to what use this has. What could possibly be in there, other than perhaps to approve a mockup, but whats wrong with email?

    Maybe its just to look impressive and make new clients feel important? One company I saw only had 2 portfolio pieces, but felt it was worth having a client login. It must be vital, but why?

    Or are there useful tools and things in there? Does anyone on here have a client area? Whats in it? And are there any standard scripts that can be bought for this purpose?


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    I think there for clients to manage the content on there website. i personally would but this under www.companiesdomain.com/admin. But if i was gonna have a login it would be for that reason. i dont have a client login so i cant be certain whats in there
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    I imagine you could also use it for a forum-type correspondence on the client's project.
    A full record of progress and all instructions/questions from beginning to end could be seen at a glance.
    If you also host the clients' sites you could include instructional videos on features and functions.
    I'm guessing you could also include a trouble ticket system and a billing system as well.

    Just thoughts.
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    we use it for providing concepts/comps/prototypes and other information to the client. We've found it's much easier to have a simple site that lists the past concept designs for both us and the client rather than 100s of emails and searching through the attachments. We also have a forum for communication, but usually we just communicate through email, phone, or in person.

    Here's one of our extranet sites for a recently released website, iPod in Car:
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    We have one, one of the main reasons is that the client can upload images, content and all direct to us. We do a lot of print work too though.
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    While I do not have one yet - I will put one up shortly.

    And yes we will put comps there.

    Here's some logic behind it:

    You've made the sale to a new customer, you get the check but do not, for whatever reason, have access to their servers yet - remember, they are a new customer. So you create a passworded site so they can see the comps - you put project notes and etc. just like suggested above.

    I call them Project Central for each project.


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    I did some freelance work at a company who had client areas but they basically had a secure login and then it went straight to a section where the client could track the progress of their site/work and also links to their site demo etc. It was very thorough.
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    Wow, talk about good timing. I was just about to embark on developing a client section, and was wondering what others are putting in theirs..FK to the rescue.

    What do you guys think about incorporating a small billing system? Basic functionality would be viewing/downloading/printing invoices, checking account balances, and eventually a payment gateway. I also have HUGE issues with late payment, so I was thinking about using a cron script to automatically send out invoice reminders periodically after 30 days.

    Let's keep this thread going, I think we could all benefit from a great client section.


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    Some of my clients like to pay with a Credit Card; they can login to their account and pay for one of the following, hosting, domain purchase or an invoice for work done on their website.

    It is very useful when you have clients all over the world!

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