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Thread: _Visible Problem?

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    _Visible Problem?


    I have 2 buttons and 1 movieclip. One button sets the movieclip visiblity to false and the other button sets it to True. Simple so far.

    The problem is i have the buttons on frame1 and the movieclip in frame 5 then the movieclip visibility remains True regardless which button i press. IF i move the movieclip to frame 1 then it works?

    I need my movieclip to be in frame 5, so why cant i do this????

    Thanks in advance.

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    The clip has to be present on the same frame as the buttons.

    If you're on frame 1, why would you want some clip on frame 5 to be visible or not, anyways?
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    The reason is that as soon as the buttons are clicked, the animation plays. According to which button was clicked, the moivieclip's visiblity will be true or false.

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