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Thread: Need help! Problem with publishing EXE!

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    Need help! Problem with publishing EXE!

    Guys! I need help with a projector file that I'm making. This is a Program for Grade 3 Math and it has 43 chapters, each lesson containing a 1-3 minute animated clip about the topic. Since it is a huge clutter, I made 3 main menus (1-15,16-30,31-43) and I subdivided each lesson into 4 parts: the intro which slides the animation window and plays the audio title, the actual movie, the menu which gives the option to watch the movie again or go back to the menu<which will play the ending first>, and the end which slides out the animation window and goes back directly to the main menu).

    The problem is when I test the movie or publish it as exe. The first 15 lessons go smoothly and the navigation between menus 1,2 and 3 are ok but when I play lesson 17 the movie clip stops mid-movie or when I play lesson 18-43, only the first frame appears. This shouldn't happen since I simply duplicated a blank template I used for Lessons 1-15 and used it for 16-43. I also checked and double-checked the action I put for each frame and button. 16-43 has the same syntax as 1-15 so in logic, they should also be working. I was thinking that it was my slow-ass PC that was the problem (I used my pentium3 500 with 128mb ram) but that wasn't the problem since I tried testing and publishing it with my newer PC (pentium4 2.24 with 256ram) and it still had the same problem. I was thinking it the problem had to be with my flash software (flash mx 6) but when I enable simple frame actions and simple buttons in the environment, it did everything I asked it to do and worked out great. What am I doing wrong!!! I'm not exactly a flash newbie (I've been working on flash for 3 years now) and I know what I'm doing is correct but I've been stuck with this problem for over a week now! HEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPPP!!!!!!

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    How many total frames in this movie?

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