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Thread: Incorrect Navigation Problem

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    Incorrect Navigation Problem

    Ok, here's the problem.
    I have built a simple navigation problem:
    I have buttons that send you to a new frame of the movie when you click it. I have used a simple On Release-Goto and play-frame label code to do this.

    But, on one of the frames (info2flag on the example, the second frame), when I hit the button that is supposed to go to the leadflag frame, the movie advances to the next frame, which is wrong. Also, when you keep clicking the button, it keeps advancing to the next frame.

    I've checked for errors, but it seems pretty simple. Any help? I appreciate it!
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    I'm not entirely sure what the problem is, but you could try this:

    Take away all the 'stop' frames except the first one, use this for your buttons:

    on (release) {gotoAndStop("wherever");


    (If you use gotoAndStop with frames all set to 'Stop', it causes errors I've found.)

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    Yes, yes....
    Thank you very very much!
    That solved it!
    Awesome, saved me a big headache. T

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