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Thread: new LR creative site

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    new LR creative site

    LR Creative

    Take a glance at my evolving portfolio site, and offer up any advice or criticism.

    Kind Regards,

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    dont know if its jst my comp but it looks really really small and my eyes were starting to hurt looking at it.

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    I would get rid of the intro which is very 1999. I like the games. Who needs PS2 when you have pac man. Did you make those games?. You might want to get your text to be more crisp. I like the transitions.

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    I really like the site. Very clean. Nice color scheme. I like the 3-D icons. Some nice portfolio work too.

    I like the spinning 'lr' in the begining. For the bouncing ball intro, I think it takes too long. I would maybe have the ball bounce just once or twice before splashing into the floor. I would also keep the boxes from moving on a mouse over until the menu has transisitoned in, they seem to reposition when the menu does come in and it looks jumpy for that one second. But then, its only the intro. The rest of the site works really well.

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