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Thread: Urgent! attachMovie/loadedMovie problem

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    Urgent! attachMovie/loadedMovie problem

    How do I place an attached movie from the library above a loaded movie.swf-that is already loaded into level 100?

    Here is my hierarchy > I launch a movie that then loads a second movie.swf. Now, When I attach a clip(icomments) from the library, I would like it to appear on top of the current loadMovie("clip1.swf", _level100);

    I tried iclip._level10000; //but it still appear below thee loaded swf

    I tried the swapDepths function but it has no effect. Is my code correct?


    function fshow2()
    _root.icomments.swapDepths("_level100");//no effect

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    you must give the movie that is to be attach a linkage name, go to the librery then right click on the clip to attach choose linkage give it a name you can remember for this example we will use Repla_mc, then you can do this if you movie on the stage is named myMc;


    this should do it. hope it helps
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    no problem in attaching the movie. The problem is that it appears below a loaded SWF.

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