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Thread: pic help

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    pic help

    how do I make the images on the buttons fade out after they fade in on a rollover rollout. I also want to do a slide show through all the pics if the mouse isn't over the buttons and when you rollover one of the pics the slideshow stops and the pic of the button comes up. Also after the mouse rollout of the button the slideshow starts up again. One more thing I am also trying to figure out the way to have a little sound button in the page where you click to start and stop it.

    It's alot to ask and I feel bad for it. Though I thank who ever helps me with all the thx in the world.
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    matthew thomas

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    i made it for you

    i read your question and just decided to make wat you said.it took me bout 2 houres,...hope it could help you.it duzn contain any sound playin ofcourse,...
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