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Thread: Flash and Coldfusion

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    Flash and Coldfusion

    Anyone know a good reference on combining the 2? I am working on a gaming site that is all flash but the members page needs to be a coldfusion database so that people can add themself. How do you do that?

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    cold fusion is no different than php or asp as far as flash is concerened - the flash will look exactly the same for all three except the file name they call


    you have people type in their info in flash input fields

    the flash then loads a cfm page, this is the same as a html form page submitting to a cfm page, the cfm page can see all the variables you have in your flash

    the cfm page takes the variables from your flash and updates the database

    so just look for help in whatever language - php asp cf - it's all the same to us flashers

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