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Thread: Help with a type of scrolling menu

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    Help with a type of scrolling menu

    I'm trying to make a Flash scrolling menu that I can't seem to find a tutorial for as an example for what I am trying to do...

    I attached a JPEG from a photoshop document of how the company i'm making this for wants it to look...

    The designer of the company is my friend, and I told him I'd try my best to try and make it... but he really wants this menu to be exactly like this... so i need some help


    If you look at the Picture... you see a bunch of little circles on the left... and a big picture on the right. the right circle is where pictures are going to load... and the left circles are the buttons that will load the various pictures.

    Each button is for a different company. I.E. Warrior Lacross, XM Radio, Sirius Radio, Ford... etc. Obviously when you click the Warrior Lacrosse button, the Warrior Lacross Picture loads into the Right circle.

    Well here's the thig I cant figure out. The company wants this menu to kinda be infinite... so when you hover the mouse over the top and bottom circles which are more than half way off the stage, the whole menu will scroll down...

    In addition to that... they want the circles to start off about half the size you see in the picture... and when you scroll over them... they grow bigger...

    I think this menu would be a really cool tutorial... but I can't seem to find anything that resembles it. The only thing I found that is somewhat like it is this...


    However, That menu doesnt scroll... but it is the effect they want with the growing and shrinking of the buttons...

    If ANYONE out there knows of what i'm talking about... and knows of a tutuorial for it... I would greatly appreciate pointing me in the right direction... If I find a good enough tutorial, I've notices I can pretty much figure out anything in flash after about a week of trying.

    Some people on Flashkit are nice enough to sometimes make examples for me... but I'd rather have a tutorial... cause most of the times I can't figure out all the person did when they just send me the .FLA

    Anyways.. thanks for any help

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    Yeah, I have something similar on my site... LOL

    It's pretty common, and still, it keeps being an awesome effect...

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