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Thread: Tutorial Help?

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    Tutorial Help?


    I'm new to the forums so sorry if this is in the wrong spot. On the High Scores tutorial on your site by: Jeroen den Haan There is a part that I'm not sure of and because of this I have pulled my hair out 1 to many times. Under the adding new people to the scores there is four lines of code to put into your flash game but I'm not sure about the fourth one.

    getURL("new_score.php", "", "POST");

    I'm not sure what I am supposed to fill in the different parts. I "think" I understand the rest of it though, thanks for any help or info.

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    contact author?

    don't know php from pcp, but did notice this in the tute:
    If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, you can email me at jeroendenhaan@yahoo.com, or visit my site at http://www.ssj-games.com

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