i have created this fields in a loop as you can see, i have set their _y pos to 20*i to make them fall undeneath one another now what i want to is set they _x and _y pos again to set them in the middle of the stage but i dont know how to do that because the fields are already set to 20*i does that make any sences its late sorry. Please help.....

this is the code i used.
text_width = 20;
text_height = 20;
numfields = 10;

for(i = 0; i < numfields; i++){
this.createTextFields("text"+i,i,60,20*i,text_widt h,text_height);
this["text"+i].border = true;
this["text"+i].text = "ok";
format = new TextFormat();

pls help.....