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Thread: Non-responsive movie clip instance

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    Non-responsive movie clip instance

    Ive recently posted this problem, but I apparently didn't express myself clearly.

    First I want to thank all those who have tried to help me. I did learn better means of writing syntax.

    Now, the problem. I have a movie clip with 5 instances on one frame. The function of these instances is to be _visible or not and to be specifically positioned according to a particular button action. All this works fine.

    When I move to the next frame and attempt to use 5 new instances of the same movie clip (named differently than the 5 on the previous frame), nothing happens.

    I've managed a work-around by making a new movie clip for the new frame- this works. But I need this mc for multiple frames and this method would be cumbersome.

    All ideas are welcomed with thanks.

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