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Thread: Loading a Movie to a specific frame...

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    Loading a Movie to a specific frame...

    Is it possible to load a movie to a frame???

    I'm making a website that loads movies into empty movie clips.

    I want to know if I can tell a movie to load... and then go to a frame number... all with one command...

    the code i'm using is this...


    Is there any code that can load the movie and send it to a specific frame??? I don't think it is possible... but I know so little in the world of flash... so maybe it is...

    Thanks for the help

    - Mikey

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    You choosed not the best way to load site's section but there is a way for you. Create several empty movie clips (one in each frame...), name them differently and load.

    Or you can go to specified frame, create an empty mc in it's script and then load.

    Never give up...

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    Yes it is possible. I've PMed you a link to such .flas.

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