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Thread: My Political Website - suggestions welcome

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    My Political Website - suggestions welcome

    I am building this site for a politician running for Lieutenant Governer in VA, and would like some suggestions on how I could make it better in any way.



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    Genth, Belgium
    not bad,

    but when yuo click a link you a get white flash, you know the page that loads...
    you can set the global bgcolor to blue but cant remember directly how you do that. If you want i can look it up for you.

    the button play the education video i would change

    i wouldnt use the newspaper for newsletter.
    the newspaper isnt clean (kinda crumbled, sorry dunno the word in english )
    It doesnt fit in the subject, evrything should be very clean (you know what i mean, people vote for clean people )


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    too loud initially... i would ditch the intro track... not appropriate for this site.

    not sure if you know but all of the links on the left nav are 404 Page Not Found...

    I would add Home to the top nav.

    I don't like the washed out look of the people on top... some look bluish and pale...

    I would add some red to the bottom to match the red on top.

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