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Thread: embed font in flash MX

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    embed font in flash MX

    Hello FK users,

    I am trying to export the font 'franklin gothic book' in static text mode into my Flash MX movie, www.menu.nomadink.com

    I understand that if the font looks good when anti-aliased, flash is supposed to automatically export the outlines for that font. why is this not working when viewed on machines that do not have franklin gothic book?

    the results are strange. some of the text blocks are appearing correctly, and some are looking jagged/fuzzy (maybe defaulting to a mut crossbreed of arial or something) when i look at my flash movies, they are all saved in the same way, static, franklin gothic book.

    I am also dealing with exporting the font as dynamic, and embedding only the specific characters that i need, but if i choose this option, do I need to do this for every time that text appears, and seperately for all the embedded movie clips as well? it is a design portfolio site (mainly images) but there is a fair amount of text as well. I was reading about placing a font in the library, do you do this once? or on every library of every clip of the movie?

    can someone help with this?
    very appreciative, Tyler

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    Textfields should be on exact pixal value coordinates (x=122.0 and not x=122.6...), for the sharpest text possible. So would movie clips in which these textfields would be nested. Everything should be scaled at 100% across, textfields & movie clips.

    It's easier to embed the font in the textfields themselves, and yes the font outlines would have to be embedded in each textfield, but the file's size will only increase for each different font's style used, not when embedding the same in every textfield. Size will increase only once depending on the range of characters embedded.

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