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Thread: Firefox and Safari won't load external JPGs

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    Firefox and Safari won't load external JPGs


    BACKGROUND: My SWF loads external JPGs that are located in an "images" subfolder. My SWF loads the external images properly when viewed in IE.

    PROBLEM: BUT, the images fail to load when viewed in Firefox and Safari . I ran a test and found that Firefox and Safari are failing to load external images when the images are in a subfolder. The external images WILL, however, load properly if they are in the same folder as the SWF.


    Can anyone indicate what I can do to get Firefox and Safari to load external images that are in a subfolder?

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    Not sure what the problem is. The following works in Firefox on Windows:

    var myFolder = "images";
    var myPic = "pic1.jpg";
    myClip.loadMovie(myFolder + "/" + myPic);
    It would help if you would post the exact code that isn't working.
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    use Safari, and open the Activity window. It will list out all the assets the browser is trying to load. See what the paths are for the images that aren't loading.

    This is almost certainly a pathing issue.

    Also note that external JPG files should not be saved as Progressive. These won't display properly (well, they won't display at all).

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    took a look at that again.

    2 things:

    you are pathing your things like this:


    Uh, can't use that backwards slash. Should be:


    Also, it's muy bad to have spaces and stuff in your filenames. Make sure you change those and put in dashes or underscores instead.


    Firefox and Safari actually pay attention to these little details, unlike IE which is a dumb retarded POS and lets you be sloppy.
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    xMetal, YOU ARE THE MAN!

    Thanks so much for finding this. I had no idea about the \ or / thing. It's fixed, now, after months of troubleshooting.

    And, mkantor, thank you for your response as well.

    Why can't all the browsers just get their act together? Uggghhh!!!

    Thanks again --- I appreciate all of your help.

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