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    I am working on a site right now where the navigation is in flash. how do i get it so that when you click on the link, the page loads but doesn't have to start the flash over. the navigation is exactly the same as Senses Fail. how do i do that.


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    Use the time line

    On the time line place your different pages.

    Place a stop command at each interval of the timeline where you have a new page.

    Keep the timeline open (i.e. no keyframes), with the header animation and the navigation.

    At each page on the timeline place a label, like "photography. Then on the photography link, write onRelease.gotoAndStop ("photography");

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    is that going to work for what i want to do. i want it so that when you click on the button in flash, a page loads outside of the flash and in html. like the example i gave with the Senses Fail website.

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