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Thread: help if you can. i'm new

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    quick simple question
    files are scenex.swf
    x, being numbers 1 through 20
    now so far i have this

    on (Release) {
    loadmovienum("scene"(y+1)".swf", 1);

    what i'm trying to do is create a button that will load movies starting with scene1.swf. so when the button was clicked, for example, it would load scene2.swf because of the variable. thanks for the help

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    Since there are braces in your script, I will give
    you the answer using version 5 script. Also you didn't say
    how the variable y was set, so I let the button do all the
    work and after movie 20 it will start over again.

    on (release) {
    if (y = 20) {
    y = 0;
    y = y + 1;
    unloadMovieNum (1);
    loadMovieNum ("scene" add y add ".swf", 1);

    Hope this helps.

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