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Thread: Dancing Silhouettes

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    Dancing Silhouettes

    Hi, I've seen a couple of movies on this site where they have dancing Silhouette's of people, which have obviously been converted from video footage. Can anyone give me a link or tell me how you would recreate something like this, as im looking to make something very similar but want to use my own material.



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    i've thought of the same thing, only I want to develop colorful characters from live footage, the only thing I can think of is isolating the footage you want to convert, then using a video decompiler to spilt the footage into individual frames, then editing the frames one by one.

    for sillouettes all you would have to do is remove the background and and turn the people black

    for color I would have to cut or convert everything to my own cartoon-like color, on each frame.

    that to me seems like the easiest way to create true animation.

    I'm not sure if flash is able to create such complex animation as peoples movements, without each frame being edited for, say, th simultaneous movements of head, arms, legs, in a bending, changing fashion.

    I know its possible to run animation simultaneously on different layers, for some basic animations, but to get it to look real would probably take longer than decopmpiling you're own movie and re-editing it.

    I would like to know if anyone has any other ideas on realistic movement options/ animation in flash, I see flash games, but nothing to complex.

    I think you cut down the frames used as well, Im not sure, but I think 25 or 30 fps is a bit much for flash. 5 would seem to be pretty fluid motion.

    any one have an idea on the minimum fps for flash animation, for something like a martial arts battle?

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