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Thread: Animating Chinese Characters for Education

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    Animating Characters

    I would liketo animate a series of lines/strokes.
    One by one they would draw/reveal/erase themselves over a duplicate image of the same strokes, in effect "drawing" out the pattern line by line.

    i currently use a differents layer for each stroke, and reveal it on the page.

    is there an alternative method to doing this?


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    Sorry i'm soo offtopic now but when i read the title i almost fall off my chair " Animating Chinese Characters for Education" and i though ... yeah logical chinese people are soo easy to animate beside others

    And back on topic .. it's gonna take u some motion tweening and a lot of shape tweenig .. and u must use shape hints .. to help the tween
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    haha, ya, I never thought of that, it'd make a great virtual proifessor

    i thought it'd be better than saying "need help with ordered stroking"

    well ok thanks, shape tweening? i need help with shape tweening, I realize by changing an object on screen while tweened it will mold itself to the new shape while tweening, is that shape tweening?

    i dont really know how extensive what I just said wirks, I cant imagine doing rounds, etc.

    Can a shape be edited in Freehand and brought back in at the end of a tween to shape itself? that seems unlikely.

    can you describe a little of what you had in mind?

    I want these (and about 20,000 others):

    to do this:

    better than this:

    one BRUSH stroke at a time

    I hate the way I did that animated gif,

    its the same way I do all of them... i made shapes on different layers, everything covered up, then tweened each shape off the character, one by one.

    I think this way is stupid, and wasteful, inaccurate and difficult to get uniform and not efficient for large characters
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