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Thread: Animating Chinese Characters for Education

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    Animating Characters

    I would liketo animate a series of lines/strokes.
    One by one they would draw/reveal/erase themselves over a duplicate image of the same strokes, in effect "drawing" out the pattern line by line.

    i currently use a differents layer for each stroke, and reveal it on the page.

    is there an alternative method to doing this?


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    If you want them to be drawn like a pen would draw them in specific order that will have to be done by programming in the steps to draw them atleast if thats not what you want can you please explain more? I don't think this will be an easy task unless you want the character to be revealed all at once.

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    thank you for your reply, yes, the stroke needs to be drawn in order exactly as a brush would. each character would draw in a window after you clicked on that chararcter anywhere in the program, accompanied with romanization pinyin and and voice.

    these characters below better represent the font i would use,

    i couldnt just use any line, it needs to be this exact brush stroke style, with the heavier lines and weaker lines in a similar condition.

    its possible, however very difficult, to recreate this drawing with the best drawing pad, chinese fonts are meticulously made and I would like my drawing to use this font if possible.

    whatever is the easiest way, I'd like to streamline the process as much as possible

    Im not sure I understand what you mean by programming the drawing of the character, but thats exactly what I had in mind, and what I want to find out,

    how do I do that?

    whats involved?

    what are the limitations of that?

    the single stroke animated character "pie (pronounced 'peeyeh')" below is easy enough to use layers, but those other characters are difficult, and time consuming, and I dont like doing things on so many layers, it seems awkward to me, I'm sure Flash has some way to do this the "Macromedia" way.

    do you understand what I mean? I want those other 2 characters (and about 20,000 others) animated the same as (or better than) the simple ones below them.




    I hate the way I did that animated gif, its the same way do all of them... i made shapes on different layers, everything covered up, then tweened each shape off the character, one by one. I think this way is stupid, and wasteful, inaccurate and difficult to get uniform and not efficient for large characters
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