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Thread: Simple Countdown Timer

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    Simple Countdown Timer

    I just want to make a simple countdown timer, that everytime the flash movie hits the timers keyframe it counts down from 10 and then plays a sound. Is there a way to do this?

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    Flash allows for many ways to accomplish the same task. In this case, you could use a movieclip 120 frames long(assuming your movie frame rate is 12 fps), place a number every 12 frames..... 10,9,8,etc,.... then, on the last frame of the movieclip, have a stop action and a sound on the frame.

    Another method might be to use nothing but actionscript to achieve the same effect.Paste this code onto a frame and test, you will need a sound in your library set to export for actionscript with an ID name...


    _root.createEmptyMovieClip("countDown", 10);
    cCenterX = Stage.width/2;
    cCenterY = Stage.height/2;
    _root.countDown.counter._x = cCenterX;
    _root.countDown.counter._x = cCenterY;
    _root.countDown.createTextField("myTextField", 1, cCenterX, cCenterY, 30, 20);
    _root.countDown.myTextField.background = true;
    _root.countDown.myTextField.autoSize = "center";
    _root.countDown.myTextField.border = true;
    _root.countDown.myTextField.backgroundColor = 0x00FFCC;
    count = 10;
    myCountDown = function () {
    countInterval = setInterval(myCountDown, 1000);
    this.onEnterFrame = function() {
    _root.countDown.myTextField.text = count;
    if (count == 0) {
    _root.countDown.myTextField.text = "00";
    mySound = new Sound();

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    It works now, thanks for the help.

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