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Thread: Flash 6.0 and HTML navigation

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    Flash 6.0 and HTML navigation

    I've got a sort of a newbie question ... I hope you can help me with.
    I've designed a site, where the navigation part (buttons + intro) is made in Flash 6.0 and the rest (content) is HTML, CSS etc. made. The intro must play to the end, so the user can see the navigation buttons. I just want to play the intro which preceeds the presentation of buttons once, not each time the user hits another button to see different content. I hope I've presented my troubles clearly ... if not, maybe the site I'm working at will help you to demonstrate what I'm saying.


    Any ideas, help or hints will be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance ..

    Have a nice day!

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    two possible solutions:
    1.use a cookie which is read before either the flashpage with intro or without intro is loaded.
    2.use the localSharedObject in Flash to determine if the user has seen your intro already and jump to your button frame depending on that information.

    pros and cons:
    method 1
    p:no loading of unwanted intro, reduced download size
    c:you have to do two versions of the flash; cookies are sometimes rejected and often deleted
    method 2
    p:the localSharedObject is stored in the user profile and is not deleted when the user emptys cache and deletes cookies. search your computer for .sol-files, I'm sure you find some ;-);
    you have only one flashfile to design.
    c: the whole intro is downloaded even if the user sees only the "button-part"
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    You problem comes from the fact that you are calling new urls for your sections, thus each time reloading the flash on top. Your solution would be to put the site in a frameset, the topFrame holding the flash navigation and the mainFrame holding the html content. Calling a new section would look like this:

    getURL("contact.html", "mainFrame");


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    Thank you for your ideas, I'll see what I can do ... have never done anything like it before. I hope I can find some info about it. Now again, thanks.

    Thanks to you too. This was actually my initial idea of doing it. Just today I got rid of the frames ... I had to solve some thechnical drawbacks along with them - such as the bug of floating frames concerning Mozilla Fireworks (scrolling="yes" means always "auto", and if the scrollbar appears on the right of the page, it shifts the contents of the bottom frame, so the graphics will not be perfectly aligned with the top frame anymore, and it was a mess). So I was foreced to delete the frames after all.

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