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Thread: Tell Target help - urgent!

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    Pls help - the following code doesn't seem to work ...

    on my main swf file, I have on a scene the following (flash5 syntax) ..

    loadMovieNum ("living.swf", 1);
    tellTarget ("_level1/movLiving") {
    gotoAndStop ("Money");

    where ..
    "living.swf" is a second flash movie that is loaded onto level 1; "movLiving" is an instance of a MC inside living.swf; and "Money" is a frame Label inside the MC

    .. what's wrong with the coding?

    Your help is appreciated!!!!

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    Actually there is nothing wrong with your code, if Flash
    could load "living.swf" in a lot less that a micro second.
    But since we don't have speed of light machines, you
    will have to settle for making the code wait for "living.swf"
    to load before telling mc "movLiving" to gotoAndStop at

    Hope this helps.

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