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Thread: Allow one try a day

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    Allow one try a day

    Hi there,

    Can anyone help me on this one here.

    Its a small simple game on website.
    I have a movie with 3 doors you can click.
    1 right and 2 wrongs. (click the right one and win a prize!)

    I wanna limit the user to only have one try a day.

    Can anyone help me how to, lets say have the flash movie jump to a certain scene in the movie if you already tried the game once during the day?

    Kind regards

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    It cant be done only with flash. it requires back end programmin.
    it requires asp or php programming with flash action script communication. it provide communication setup between server and flash movie.
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    indeed can it be done with a localSharedObject and the date Object-both flash-standalone.
    first:check for your localSharedObject on the users computer. if none exists, prompt him with a form for new username( and passport, if you wish to have one). write this info to the localSharedObject, along with a variable containing the result of a button action on any of the doors(false, if the user registers, of course).
    second:if the user has identified with his given information, create a date object. write the date to the l.S.O. as soon as one door is tried. ever when your file is opened, check for your l.S.O. to exist.
    if it exists, prompt user/pass input,check for the saved date and compare with the current date. if the difference is > your desired pause, let him have another try and update your local shared object.
    drawback: if the user deletes the l.S.O. manually, he can create another account- and try with this one.
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