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Thread: Revolutionary Idea - Release your source files!

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    Revolutionary Idea - Release your source files!

    I think we've all become a little too protective of our source files and intellectual property. While I agree that some things shouldn't be released (for example, don't release the source files for a CMS system you are selling), but why guard smaller, non-commercial source files so much?

    I've had a few people ask me how I do things on my portfolio and finally thought "why not just tell them all?" So I created a series of tutorials titled "Step-by-Step Guide to Developing a Flash Site" and threw it up on my site (can be found here). If you have a little project you did like my portfolio, why not release the source files (and a tutorial if you have time) to help others out.

    If you really do have a trade secret that no one else knows how to do I could see why you wouldn't want to release it. But 99% of what flash designers and developers do can be done by someone else, if not most other designers/developers. Make it easy on those learning how to do it and show them the "right" way to do it (as opposed to letting them go and do whatever they want, creating those flash sites we all hate).

    I created this as a way to give back to a community that helped me. Wouldn't it be crazy if others gave back and did the same?
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    Revolutionary? Open source developers (like me) do this for years.

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    Yea, if you are really into this idea you should get involved with the existing open source community... I am currently using open source technologies... and little code snippets here and there... it is the greatest thing! As my skills improve I hope to give back to it some day.

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    Hi, although I have written tutorials and released source code to the masses, there is a good reason to not share certain items.

    First there is security. Releasing code that you will at some point use in a client application is just asking for trouble. What is safe today may not be tomorrow.

    Job security. I do hate to say this, but there are a few things that should not be released or made easily usable to those that have not developed their skill level to a higher degree. What I mean is, for example: I have practiced for years with flash, did the tutorials, and experimented in order to get to my current level. Now, a new designer/programmer hits the scene and says, wow I like this I think Ill slap this on my new clients site.
    The life of fresh content and original ideas is already limited, I don't think it it necessary to make it any shorter buy telling everyone how to do it.

    People will mimic what they like. If they see something cool and cant get the source they will try and recreate it. This to me is the better option. Instead of everyone using the same thing, there are different versions that are continuing to advance each time.

    I am all for open source, and do share code but there is still stuff that I reserve for special occasions.


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