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    Forum Guidelines

    Make a search before asking your question
    Even if your problem seems a new problem for you, it has maybe been answered already. Making a search will often provide more useful examples.

    Flash Version
    Specify what version of Flash you are using. This makes it easier for others to help you. You will get better and faster answers if others know you are using Flash 5, MX, MX 04 or F8. You may also specify the ActionScript and Flash Player version if needed. There are new options in the New Post windo. Just check the Radio Button at the top and it will add your version in the Title of the post. PLEASE USE IT!

    Try and do your part
    This forum is not an opensource provider. Instead of asking:
    "I want this and that, can you make it for me?" which sounds a bit rude, and may not make the others want to help you, do your part: show at least that you tried, providing a code or .fla example.

    Show respect to others who try and help you
    A little "thank you" will take only 5 seconds of your time. The person who helped you took sometimes more than an hour to try and solve your problem for free.

    Avoid Duplicate Posts
    Please do not post multiple threads on the same topic. Please do not start a new thread to reply to an old thread. If you do either of these things accidentally, you can delete the second post by using the 'edit' feature.

    Don't Post for/about Jobs in this forum
    Do not post messages which offer payment for services, or offer jobs, or request paid work. The moderators will delete such messages, when they see them. Please refer all posts of this nature in our Freelance forum.

    Use Your Best Communication Skills
    If you have a question, try to be clear, detailed and specific. If a particular bit of actionscript code might be a problem, post the code by cutting and pasting it from your project. Don't try to quote it from memory. Post a small .fla example if possible.

    Be Relevant
    Make sure your question is flash-related. For example, if your post is about HTML, PHP, ASP or some other piece of the puzzle, you might find the "Scripting & Backend" forum more appropriate.

    Use informative subject lines
    "help me add gravity to my game" is a much better subject line than "please help me!!!!!!" -- Not only are you more likely to receive help from a game-physics expert, you will also make things easier for folks who are using the search feature.

    Keep it Simple
    Please, do not ask questions that would require a book as an answer. Programming is about you putting the pieces together.
    Ask specific questions, one at a time or make it clear that you just want advice on the logic.
    Questions about using Templates are best asked of the company you bought it from. Please do not attach Template fla's here.
    Questions about using aftermarket software should be asked in the appropriate forum, unless it relates directly to Flash.

    Keep Questions in the Forums
    Please, do not PM or e-mail other users with questions. That's what the forums are for. Be patient. Other people have the right to decide when they want to help.

    You can read the Flashkit General FAQ here.
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