Hey people.

So I have my own personel site, kind of like a blog site, and a major part of that site is a personel photos section.

At the moment I'm using a freeware web application that runs in ASP to display and organize my photos. This has been working fine, untill it dawned on me that I'm outgrowing this application. I mean in scale of use, I'm using more photos now than the package is designed for. Its great for starting out, but I intend for my collection to grow and grow, so figure it would be wise to upgrade now before this becomes a major hassle.

I'd like to be able to host the application myself, and don't mind paying reasonable amounts for liscencing.

I'd mainly like nice features, upgradability and good organisation from the package. Is anybody using a good package or can recommend a package or review site that will be able to ponit me in the right direction. I figure taking the right step now could save myself having to change again in the future.

Thanks for all the help guys, FK Rocks!

P.s I'm finally on this side of the pond! been in Canada for a while now and lovin' it.

Choi Jem.