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Thread: Simulating chasing an object

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    Simulating chasing an object

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to implement this into a little game I'm working on - effectively it involves the AI chasing a ball, something like this (top-down view)

    So, say the ball is travelling in that direction at a rate of 5 and that's slowing at a certain rate. The blue guy has a maximum speed and needs to pick up the ball at the optimal (quickest for him to reach) point on the balls' path.

    My math's isn't too shabby normally, but I'm a bit stuck as to where to start on this, as I'd like to get it as realistic as possible. Anyone have any suggestions for how to start going about this?
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    I wasnt sure how complex u need it so i made this simple thing
    lemme know i may be able to make some thing more with angle instead of just following ;P
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    Also, Liquidjourney.com has this sort of thing in the AI section.

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