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Thread: Problem with breaking down quotation

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    Problem with breaking down quotation

    Hi all, just started freelance recently. I have some problem with sending quote to client. I mean, i roguly know how much to charge, but when they ask me to break down those firugre in detail, i will have problem.

    Let I ahve this web development project for a company.
    Here the list of break down i can think of, you guy have anything to add to the list?

    Concept Development
    Art Direction
    Restructuring of the website
    Touch up Images
    Production of all page
    Beta Testing


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    You might get a better response in the boardroom

    Now, I wouldn't put Beta Testing in there, you don't charge someone else for you to test something you made!

    Also, who provided the images for touching up? If it was you who took the photo / created the images then leave that out.
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    Originally posted by robbmcaulay
    You might get a better response in the boardroom
    For sure. Thread moved.

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    any other advice?

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    I usually just break it down simple like this...

    Web Production / Layout / Design - $X
    Photography (if needed) - $X
    Back-End Admin (if needed) - $X

    Monthly Hosting / Maintenance - $X

    that's about as specific as i ever get. if i am creating an identity or logo i add that too.

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    i usually break down the project (both quote and timeline) into these stages:
    - Project Data (not part of quote, but beginning of project where we meet with client and learn about project. client also writes content)
    - Concept Design
    - Comprehensive Design
    - Prototype Development - two prototypes: a whitesite, which is a site lacking design and just containing the site's copy and menu system (so the client doesn't get confused by the design; and the full prototype which is design + whitesite)
    - Testing

    In the quote we also include additional expenses
    - Administration (covers project management)
    - Hosting Expense
    - Domain Expense
    - Misc Expenses (stock photos, hiring someone to do music...) - these are usually added to the final bill because they aren't seen till after the project starts.
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