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Thread: Can we write a file through flash?

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    Can we write a file through flash?


    I am producing one assessment with flash MX 2004. I am collecting data as per user's responses. I want to write theses responses in to a file(say text or xml format). Is it possible through flash? Can some one guide me how to do that?

    To add more in above, I want to write the responses string(may be xml formated) in a file locally. There will be one assessment.htm file which will call a flash swf file inside the same window or in a different full window.

    If anyone can help me in this regard will be highly appreciated.

    Many thanks,
    Guy Logical

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    the Flash Local Shared Object stores data the way a cookie would do, so if you need to keep record of a users input for later use, that's the way to go. all other methods require backend third party scripts in php or the like.

    here's macromedia on Local Shared Objects:

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    Thanks for your reply. But what I want is to store the result string(comparitively heavy - say greater than 200KB) in to a new file. So in short I will need to create a new txt/xml file at run time and then store the result string into that file and save the file.

    Hope the above will give a clear idea. My understanding is there will need user's permission to store data more than 100KB if we use shareobjects. Again I want to clear that I dont want to use Fscommand for this purposes as I am using Flash MX 2004.

    Any inputs?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Guy Logical

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