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    Hey Just wondering if it is possible to create a forum in flash and if so is it possible to create a database in flash. I was just looking around and seen that some people did some cool stuff with flash. so if any of you know could you give me an example of how to do it or what it looks like.
    matthew thomas

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    You can create a front end for a forum in flash, but much of the work would still need to be done on a server with a database and scripting language.


    has a flash forum (look for the forum link near the bottom left of the main page) which I think is available to buy. there is also an example forum (flash 5) available from


    or try,


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    Part of the statement is correct.

    It is possible to create a forum in Flash. It just requires some work. I've been struggling with the idea also to create a front-end in flash for the opensource forum 'phpBB'. I didnt had the time for it yet though

    The other part about creating a database in Flash. Thats not possible the way you probably mean

    Flash is client-side so the data will be stored client-side and probably lost if you reload the page (unless you are using shared objects)

    Flash is able to access serverside code (PHP/CF/ASP(.net)/ETC) so what you have to do is basically:

    1. Make a database
    2. Create server-side code to access the database operations.
    3. Make your front-end (in flash)

    (wow this looks like a 3-tier application )

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