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Thread: What do ya'll think about this site?

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    What do ya'll think about this site?


    It's a content-managed Flash console. We're going to go a lot crazier (with the site) after the event (which is pretty time-consuming in-and-of-itself, for now) but we're adding a gallery very soon (before the event), which is looking pretty ill to boot, if I do say so myself, IMHO.

    I'd like some feedback. I know the scrollbar's kinda screwy, and I'm getting to that (eventually, sigh), but just in general: feedback? I don't know if I'll lunge at the opportunity to do another Flash console right away. There are some buggy issues, especially when dealing with HTML (although not at all with XML, so a workaround is feasible, just time-consuming) that I really don't like. And I don't like that Flash is un-"accessible" (to search engines, at least.) However, I think it's very pretty (Flash), and I think this project is starting to look "pretty" good. What do ya'll think?

    O, & by the way, if any of ya'll are on the West Coast (USA, I'm sure some of you are) || don't mind travelling, you should definitely think about checking out this event. It should be pretty wild... and surprising!

    Peace b w/ u & stardust, too.
    - Christopher : )

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    moved to a more appropriate forum than Actionscript which is more for coding problems. You may get more feedback here.


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