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Thread: Legacy is what we call it.

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    Legacy is what we call it.

    What do you think?



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    Wasn't France the first modern democracy?

    Other than that nit-picking it was a very good flash slideshow, very, very patriotic. Heck, even I felt a bit American after watching it.

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    Hey, thanks wouter.

    In the end, it doesn't matter who was the first democracy. The thing that matters is that we can all live free, that we can all find a way to live in peace and friendship. It is my hope that the free world would stick together to defeat the tyranny that remains. All of us who are free must contribute to the snowball rolling down the hill.

    As far as the first modern democracy in the world, I did extensive research as to make sure the movie was historically accurate.

    The French have a sordid past when discussing democracy. Especially considering that they did not adopt a Constitution that stuck until 1958. Napolean was still running around in control until 1815. Not elected. Even still the French Republic, though not effective, didn't get under way until around 1790.

    Please see America

    and France

    Thanks again and look forward to more input.


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