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Thread: Infinity, experience based level up system [HELP]

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    Infinity, experience based level up system [HELP]

    Hey guys just wondering if you maths guys/gals could help me out. Im trying to work on sort of a component that i can port to any game and just change a few vars to suit the game. Now the component is a Level up system based on stats and a players experience points.

    Now the stats i want to use for all the games are


    Now when i use this in a game i will initialise these variables so they all = 5. And when a player achieves a level up they get skill points and can add these skill points to any of the stats. Now the problem i have is i want to make a formula to calculate how many experience points for a player needs to advance to the next level. I had something working but the equation wasn't anything logical i just multiply variables by other variables threw a divide in their, for no particular reason. I was wondering if their was a good enough formula.

    Like to get to level 1 a player needs 1500 experience and then once that is achieved it performs the calculation for the next level. I want the distance between levels to get greater each level.

    eg LVL 1 = 1500
    LVL 2 = 3607
    LVL [n] = ...
    LVL 10 = 50 000

    Not quiet those numbers but along those lines.

    Thanks in Advance

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    A simple percentage calcuation might be appropriate here. So say that player needs to get 20% more experience than the previous level, it'd go

    Level 1: 1500
    Level 2: 1800
    Level 3: 2160
    Level 4: 2592

    and this way the gaps would get bigger each time. You've got plenty of options with this method to, so for example if the gaps end up getting too big, you can always turn it into a decreasing percentage gain, so 20%, then 19.5%, then 19% etc.

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    Ow that would be pretty smart. That way the level up would be the same for everyone. Instead of being random and unfair.

    Thanks for that. Thought didn't even cross my mind and it seems to be the most logical. Thanks.

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