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Thread: Converting .swf to .fla

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    Converting .swf to .fla

    My computer crashed and I lost my original file. I have the .swf file on hand on my web server. I read on here once that there was a program that will convert the files over. Anyone know of any? Also, is it very reliable. I can probably just redo the entire thing but that will require setting up all the images and stuff again and I want it to be an exact reprint. I can't afford to have anything different on the new copy cause it is for a client website that is already in use. Basically there was a change in one of the links that I need to fix.

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    yes, there is a program for this, and it combines all the scenes into 1 escene and some effects don't work for some reason...

    and it always combines nearby text fields into one

    I use it very often, my Flash tends to destroy my files... I save one, and the next time I try to open it, Flash gives me an error and closes automatically

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    i've used this before http://www.flash-decompiler.com/order/

    you still have to rebuid your fla but at least you have access to all the symbols, images and code..
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