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Thread: preloader framerate of mc

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    preloader framerate of mc

    hey guys.

    i understand how to make a bar in the preloader grow. i learned to make a variable called "percent" which is essentially the difference of bytesloaded to bytestotal. The next step i want to accomplish is to make a movieclip play at the speed at which the percent is growing. That is to say, this mc will be like a little entertainer until the movie is loaded...but the last frame of the mc will arrive at 100%. Any ideas to controling the frame rate of the mc to equal that of the loading process?

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    Do you mean that if your MC had 20 frames in total, then, for example, when preloader was at 50% you want it to go to frame 10? If so, use

    my_mc.gotoAndStop(Math.floor(my_mc._totalframes/100 * percent));

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