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Thread: The music heard when turning on games consols

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    The music heard when turning on games consols

    Hi all!

    Im back with another pointless question.

    This has always bugged me when making a site, i believe joshua davis used to have this kind of noise when you first started up praystation too.

    Is there a name for the sound that is made when turning on a games consol. Infact even XP has one too. If you think about it, every games consol has an extraordinary cool sound as soon as the powers turned on.

    This is usually very ambient yet provides a powerful image. Im looking for things like this because the opening of my site has a bit of after effects work that im really proud of and this would make it perfect.

    Please dont point me to the sound loops on this site, they are pish. I need something with a bit power and depth even if its only 5 seconds long.

    Every consol as i said going back through time has one, so there has to be a name for it, it has to be known as something.

    Thanks :P

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    It's called a "jingle". I don't really know any place to download these for free, it's easiest to make it your own or commision someone to do it.

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    yep, jingle, or startup (in microsoft's case) or intro.
    as wouter said try making your own or get someone to do it for you.
    there are plenty of music apps around, what OS do you use?
    if you use M$ software you could buy fruityloops, http://www.fruityloops.com/
    i should think it would be pretty easy to create a cool intro with it.
    they do a free evaluation download but whether you can save
    your creations i do not know.
    its quite likely there are some decent free music progs around if you dont want to spend any cash.

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    Ahh thats the word!

    Back to my Art and Design days that brings me (yoda).

    Cheers you 2 ill fire fruityloops to my list of rapidly decreasing demos!

    Cheers again

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    also "sting"

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    in the demo, you can not save your projects, you can however export it to wav or mp3. . There is no time limit or anything, you can keep it on as long as you want.
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    if you like the PS or xbox one, just hook up a recorder to your TV and record as you turn on your console

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