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Thread: anybody got a flat screen TV mounted on the wall?

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    Quote Originally Posted by J-Luv
    i'm looking at getting a plasma tv and i want the flat screen mounted on the wall.
    one of my clients manufactures these remote controlled automated plasma cabinets... they are not cheap but they save you a lot of wall space. and eliminate the wire clutter too...
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    I never knew people had jobs making....Specialized....Plasma TV Counter Things...I think people just don't get it...

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    I'm pretty sure the guy at the counter said there's a way to rejuvinate/recharge/replace the gas in the Plasma screens. That was why we bought the thing in the first place, because they look so good, and they arent actually going to completely die after 3 years. Its been 2 years since we bought ours, and no problems with it yet.

    Are you sure nothing can be done about the gas in the plasmas?

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    man i didnt realize this was going to be such a hard decision, lol. if i had money like that then i would just buy it without question.....
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