Welcome to Flash Kit's Photography Forum, please read through this short list of rules before posting in this forum.

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1) All images and/or photographs posted in this thread MUST be original images and/or photographs taken by the individual poster. If you want to post your Mom's work, just give her credit.

2) All images and/or photographs posted in this thread are the private property of the individual posting. No rights are given to anyone viewing this post. Use of any image posted in this thread is illegal and punishable by law, unless express permission is given by the photographer.

3) If you would like a review of a Photograph place [REVIEW] at the begining of the post title. Remember that we are all honest here. DO NOT ask for a review if your feelings are easily hurt. We only give constructive criticism here, but there is no room for whiners.

4) Stick to the filesize limit of 100k, otherwise link to your images. No image should be wider than 800 px used in [IMG] placement.

5) Flash Kit is a G-rated site, so please no nude or otherwise inappropriate images. Violators will be banned immediately and their case reviewed at a later time.

6) No flaming or spamming the forum. Do and you will be banned. Simple.

Remember, we are all here to learn and share our experiences through photographs. Discussion and exhibition of photography and techniques are greatly welcomed.

Thank you for participating in our community.