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Thread: Regulat Expression trouble

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    Regular Expression trouble

    I've been going crazy for hours tyring to get this working, so I'm turning to the pros

    I'm trying to split the data up in to arrays, I want something similar to:

    PHP Code:
    $array[0]='<!-- TemplateBeginRepeat name="doctypes" -->text text<!-- commentStart -->something<!-- commentEnd --><!-- TemplateEndRepeat -->';
    $array[2]='text text<!-- commentStart -->something<!-- commentEnd -->' 
    I've managed to kludge the begin tag and the end tag, but i can't get the whole pattern to match. can anyone help

    PHP Code:
    $string '<!-- TemplateBeginRepeat name="doctypes" -->text text<!-- commentStart -->something<!-- commentEnd --><!-- TemplateEndRepeat -->';

    $pattern    '/<\!..\s((TemplateBeginRepeat)\s(.*?))*..>/i';// begin tag
    //$pattern    = '/<\!..\sTemplateEndRepeat\s..>/i'; // end tag
    $string    preg_replace_callback $pattern"TemplateBeginIf"$string );

    TemplateBeginIf $m )

    thanks millions in advance.
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